Restricted Items

The following items are not accepted for carriage by Mistral.


Indian Postal Articles and all items that infringe the Indian Postal Act of 1898

Precious and semi-precious stones, gems, jewelry and equivalent items

Negotiable Instruments (Bearer Form)

Flammable Items

Toxic and infectious Items

Liquid, Semi-Liquid and Gases

Radioactive or Magnetic Material

Pornographic Material

Human Corpses / Organs & Body Parts


Tobacco & Tobacco products

Sodexo pass

Firearms, explosives and military equipment

Banned skins / hides


Powders and chemicals


Machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries

All restricted items as per guidelines of IATA

The above list is not exclusive of itself, all legally banned and contract-banned articles are prohibited from being sent through our services. The responsibility of the customer to ensure that they do not misuse our services for any such article is exclusively their liability. Any illegal/dishonest use of our services are liable to be legally dealt with by the Authorities, to which event, we hold no responsibility whatsoever.

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