Packing Instruction

  • Use a corrugated box or a rigid carton of adequate strength.
  • Check the weight / measurement of the box / carton.
  • Do not over-stuff it and do not exceed the weight specification.
  • Provide internal protection with adequate cushioning material.
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping. Tape should be at least 2 inches wide, but preferably 3 inches wide.
  • Use proper labeling that clearly shows Origin and Destination address, including phone numbers and PIN codes.
  • Don’t use household sellotape or rope to seal your parcel.
  • Don’t package your parcel using bags made of fabric or cloth. They don’t offers as much protection as a strong cardboard box.
  • Don’t package your parcel with used or damaged boxes. Choose new double walled boxes.
  • Don’t tell everyone what’s in your parcel or the value of the contents by writing it on the box. Instead just include the details on your booking.


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