Where can I find information for a shipment that has been sent to me?

Refer below link

Track & Trace

What are Mistral’s terms of carriage of shipment?

Mistral advises the parties to insure the goods handed over to Mistral for transportation. Under the consignor insurance in the event of any loss Mistral shall provide COF (Certificate of Facts) on request. A COF charge of 0.2% on the invoice value shall be charged. If the consignment is not insured by the consignor, Mistral has provisions to cover under Risk coverage policy provided the consignor agrees to pay Risk surcharge as applicable at the time of booking. The maximum value goods carried under Risk coverage by Mistral is Rs. 100,000/-.

How do I calculate the ‘Volumetric Weight’ for my shipment?


Tools -> Volumetric Weight

How can I change the address of shipment that is not yet been delivered?


Support -> Customer Care


Do you have a list of Mistral franchisees in various locations?


Find a Branch -> Branch

What kind of shipments cannot be booked through Mistral?


Tools -> Restricted Items

What are Mistral’s ‘Terms of Carriage’ for shipment?


Join Us -> Privacy Policy

What is the ‘Model of Franchisees’ at MISTRAL?


Join Us -> Business Opportunities

How do I know more about ‘Careers and Opportunities’ at Mistral?


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How important is my feedback / suggestions to Mistral?

We greatly value your suggestions and opinions, which will help us to serve you better at all times. Please refer to the “Feedback” page to leave your comments.

Is it compulsory to provide GST registration details?

It is not compulsory to provide GST details. However, GST registration details for your business or company must be provided if your business wishes to claim input tax credit on the GST paid to LCC.

What is the GST rate applied on invoices from LCC ?

From 1st July 2017, customers will be charged GST @ 18% (this replaced for Service tax, KrishiKalyan Cess and Swachh Bharat Cess)

What details are required to claim input tax credit on the GST paid?

Customers wishing to claim GST are required to provide the following Information relating to their business or company –

  • Company Name
  • PAN
  • No of states registered for GST
  • State name
  • Principal address
  • GSTIN*
  • Default billing address Y/N*
  • In SEZ Y/N*

Mark default billing address (in case LCC provides service in a state in which you are not registered). Otherwise LCC can raise bill from such state on address of contracting document OR state in which company is registered.

How do I provide my GST details?

You should email the information specified in above format to “acccbe@lakshmicargo.com”.

When will I receive the GST invoice?

You will receive your GST compliant invoice as per your normal billing cycle.

What are the requirements for vendors with respect to GST?

The following are the requirements of all vendors of the LCC based in India:

  • Provide information on GST registration
  • Note change in Terms and conditions of contracts/ agreements with LCC entity
  • Ensure Invoicing and any other GST related compliance

Is it compulsory to provide GST registration details?

Yes – it is compulsory for all registered vendors.

Master Details:

  • Vendor Legal Entity Name
  • Vendor PAN no
  • LCC Company to which services are provided
  • LCC vendor code
  • Registration details (insert as many rows as needed)
  • GSTIN No.
  • State code
  • Principal Address

For more information please contact “info@mistralcouriers.com